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Welcome TO RGI Solar PV & Electrical Solutions

Solar Installation Specialists for the Essex & East Anglia

We are an MCS accredited company which means when you get a solar PV installation from us you can make use of the FiT (Feed-in Tariff) scheme offered by the government which on average could make you about 500 every year! 

 With energy prices continuing to rise, and financial incentives now in  place, there has never been a better time to get involved with solar  energy!

To find out more and to get a free quote from us, either enter your details into the form provided  on this site and we'll get back to you promptly, or just give us a call to discuss your options by calling 01245 320454. We guarantee the highest standards of work at very competitive prices!

Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic)

One of the most lucrative and energy efficient ways for  the micro-generation of renewable energy is with the use of solar PV cells, or solar panels. Our solar PV installers are experts in the field  and will only take around 2 days to install the entire  system on your property. By using RGI you will also qualify for the feed-in tariff scheme which provides you with at present, 15.44p p/kwh for all of the electricity you produce  with your solar panels. Also currently it is assumed that 50% of everything you generate is fed into the ‘grid’ and you will be paid an extra 4.5p for each unit of energy   Overall you will be making around 500 a year for  an average size system (3kWp). Your solar PV panels will not just be generating energy every  day, they'll be making you money every day as well!

Without taking any inflation increase into account, the time taken to recoup your investment is less than 9 years, this gives a return on you investment of around 10% per annum, where else could you get that return?

The government currently guarantees that the Feed in & Export Tariffs will increase by RPI and will be provided for 20 years from the date of install, over the 20 years an investment of 6000 will have returned more than double the initial investment.

LInk to current feed in Tariffs

Self Funding Solar Electricity

You can now get Solar Electricity Installed for no up front cost

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Tel :     01245 320454

email :   enquiries@rgisolar.co.uk



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