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Solar P.V. (Photovoltaic) Systems


RGI Solar specialise in the solar installation of solar panels.  This is a great way to use solar energy for micro-generation which describes the process of electricity being produced on a small scale by individual users.  Not only will this bring down your dependence on fossil fuels, which reduces both your carbon footprint and your energy bills, but you can make money this way via the feed-in tariff!  See the table below to see just how much you can make.



This is for a 3kWp system in the Chelmsford area facing South East (a fairly average system)



How Solar PV Works
As you can see from the diagram below, you will still be using electricity from your utility supplier, however you will also be generating electricity from the solar panels on your roof.  This electricity comes out as DC (Direct Current) so has to be converted to AC (Alternating Current) by the inverter so that it can power your electrical appliances. 

We will install a generation meter which will tell you how much energy is being produced by your solar panels at any given time and which you will need to read once a quarter and supply the reading to your chosen electricity company so they can  pay you!. We can also include a monitoring solution which will enable you see at a glance how well your solar system is performing.

Please note to be able to benefit from the Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme the installation you must use an MCS (Micro-Generation Certificate Scheme) accredited solar installer like RGI Solar.

solar schematic

Feed-in Tariff – Earn Money!
At the current rate, each kilowatt hour of energy that you produce will make you  15.44 pence /kWh, depending on the type of solar installation that you have.  See the table below for more details



Energy used on site

Energy Exported

Feed in Tariff (FIT)

Total Panel Area:

20.3 sqm

Total peak power rating:

3.00 kWp

Electrical Generation

Value of Energy

CO2 Emissions Saved

740 kWh/year

106 at 14.39p per kWh

0.39 tonnes

1,726 kWh/year

77 at 4.5 p per kWh

0.91 tonnes

2465 kWh/year

380 at 15.44 p per kWh








This means that for an average household with a 3kWp system, you can make as much as 564 each year!  On top of that you have to factor in the savings you will make by not paying for so much energy from your normal electricity provider this is becoming a major factor with all the recent price increases.  As well as that, you will also collect 4.5 pence for 50% of every kilowatt hour you  produce as it is assumed that you will only use 50% of what you generate,  making a grand total of 564 per year,.

The rate at which you start is guaranteed for 20 years, and will automatically increase each year as it is linked to RPI, 


Design and Installation
After surveying your property, our solar installers will be able to devise the best plan to set up your solar panels, based on the direction your roof is facing and your budget.   They will then be able to carry out this plan for the solar installation in  around three days, if scaffolding is required this may be installed a day or two in advance of the installation starting.

Everything  is agreed in full consultation with our customers, providing expert, frank advice whenever there is a decision to be made, guiding you through the whole process.  If you have any questions, whether it be before, during or after the solar installation has been completed, we are always happy to help.

We only use the best solar panels, with efficiency being improved all the time, and they come with a 10 year guarantee and a 25 year performance warranty.

We can also now offer an inverter that comes with a 20 year warranty for a small extra cost

Solar Energy Benefits
Here are some of the main benefits of using solar energy.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Make substantial savings on electricity bills
  • Make money with the feed-in tariff
  • Increase the value of your home
  • (Note: The feed-in tariff is only available when you use MCS accredited solar installers like RGI Solar)

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    RGI Solar  provides fast, efficient and inexpensive installations of PV solar panels.  We have already competed  numerous solar installations, and we're proud of the 100% satisfaction rate from our customers.  If you would like to take advantage of solar energy, get a free quote for our services or just have an informal conversation, please feel free to get in touch either by phone on 01245 320454 or complete the online form

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